Stretch & Play Pilates & Yoga for Kids! Facilitator Training

Training for Pilates Instructors and Yoga Teachers

Are you looking to share your Pilates or Yoga knowledge with kids?

Maybe you think it’s something that is missing in your area?

Whether you’re a Pilates Instructor or Yoga Teacher, Victoria is excited to help you develop those skills specifically for working with children aged between 3 and 13 years old.

What’s covered in this course?

  • Stretches inspired by Pilates & Yoga
  • Games, stories and songs to make the moves fun
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Children
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Stress in Children
  • The business of Stretch & Play – setting up, marketing and H&S of running children’s classes
  • You will receive an 80+ page Facilitator Manual which includes lesson plans for each age group (3-7 & 8-13)
  • You will also receive a Yoga Alliance Professionals Specialist Training Certificate, allowing you to get insurance and teach anywhere in the world … or in your own community!


This is recognised as a Specialist Teacher Training Course by Yoga Alliance Professionals and, as such, students purchasing this course need to pay an additional fee and hold a valid Level 2 Fitness Qualification, Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates or a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate or be working towards it. An Education or Early Years Qualification is also accepted.

However, you can do this training without applying for certification so don’t let a lack of qualifications put you off! (Please contact Victoria to discuss).


This online course is self-paced and all training is available upon purchase. If you decide to apply for Certification you have SIX MONTHS from the date of purchase to complete your work. You then have access to the course materials for LIFE!



This can be purchased HERE.

Stretch & Play Tools for Teachers

Professional Development Workshop for School Teachers

Learn to use simple, effective Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness exercises in your classroom.

Stretch & Play presents Pilates and Yoga as ideal disciplines for mind/body fitness in schools. Because they focus on the integration of breath, movement and concentration, it makes us aware of our mind/body state and gives us tools to be responsible for the condition of that state.

Our education is knowing you have the ability to choose the positive path of health by shifting yourself from imbalance to balance, stressed to centred, angry to calm, anytime you choose.

Stretch & Play provides movement and mindfulness programmes for schools that are both affordable and easy to implement. Proven effective in University Studies, this workshop has been taught in the USA as well as Europe and now is available in the UK!

It is a programme that empowers Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1, 2 or 3 teachers, even those new to Pilates, Yoga or Mindfulness, to instruct simple movement and mindfulness exercises to their students. These techniques are designed for the classroom, require no extra space or equipment, and can help enhance focus, concentration, creativity, communication and discipline.

This training takes place in your own environment (school, community group, etc.) so each course is priced differently according to travel expenses and time required. Please contact me for a quote about this highly desirable in-person training.